Sunday, December 18, 2005

How to save on electricity

Did you know that electricity used to keep your appliances on standby can light one or more rooms? In a French survey, the average standby power of TV decoders are 11w, VCRs are 9.9w, TVs are 7.3w, Hi-fi stereos are 7.2w, modems are 4.3w, washing machines are 4w and microwave ovens are 3.5w. Compare these figures with the fact that your bedside lamp may only be a 4w compact flourescent light.

Don't pay for nothing.

Switch off your appliances at the main plug.

Source: Cetdem, "Be Energy Smart"

Monday, December 05, 2005

Buy Nothing Month

Recently the world celebrated Buy Nothing Day. It was a day when millions of people declined to participate in the doomsday economy, in the frantic consumer binge. It was welcomed relief for a day, but it was only a day, a small dent in the orgy of consumerism. Why not a month. Why not declare the month of December as the Buy Nothing Month (BNM). Rules - buy only absolute necessity,