Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zero waste for businesses

Businesses and all commercial and industrial has one major common objective - to make money. However, what is often overlooked is aiming for zero waste. One may not achieve zero waste, but with prudent measures, one can cut down a lot of unnecessary wastage and money saved is money earned.

What is Management

Management involves planning, organizing, making decisions, leading, controlling, allocation of resources and where necessary, disciplining. Frequently, before any of the above, an important step that need to be taken by the management is analyzing a situation.

Why is good management very important for a business

Business which have bad management may not be managing or leading their resources, especially human resources, well. Bad management of human resources may lead to dissatisfied staff, loss of good workers, and bad management of physical resources may lead to unnecessary waste. Good policy decisions may lead to the business achieving great successes, bad policy decisions may lead to poor business, even failure and bankruptcy.

The management of a business will also have to handle its tax matters very well as a country tax law is normally very strict and mistakes can lead to very heavy fines, even imprisonment.

Business, management and outsourcing

Most businesses in a country are small and medium scale businesses. For such businesses, it is very hard, if not impossible, to have the kind of resources available to large corporations. In cases like these, in area where these small and medium scale businesses are lacking, it may be a good idea to outsource, that is, to pay third party with the skills and the resources which can do the job better.

Now this website International Profit Associates claims to be the fastest growing management consulting company servicing American business and have a huge workforce of 1,800 full-time employees.

International Profit Associates say they provide strategic tax planning services. Tax is a serious matter governed by very strict laws. Get out of line, and you run the risk of being slapped with very hefty fines. That is money down the drain, money wasted, and definitely not Zero Waste. Plus with proper planning, you can reduce your tax liabilities to the minimum, and reduced liabilities is also money earned. Perhaps it is better not to be penny wise and pound foolish. Engage them to take care of your tax matters and save more than what you pay for their services. I don't know for I am not endorsing them for I have had no dealings with them so far. You will have to find out if they really can help your business cut wastage and take good care of your taxation matters.

International Profit Associates also claims to the only management consulting firm in the world that delivers a broad array of professional services to the small and medium-size business marketplace. Dealing with many different companies and consulting firms is time wasting and inefficient, and if you can have a large integrated company to do everything for you from A to Z, that is precious time saved, and there is a well known saying "time is money."

There are also 2 sources of useful information at Useful Industry Data and Useful Industry Links in that website.

Well, if you think this consulting firm can help your business, do contact them and do some exploring of possibilities. Feedback will be highly welcomed.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Avoid waste with credit cards

Why credit cards are essential, useful and beneficial in modern times

Carrying too much cash around is dangerous with so much robberies happening nowadays. You may also find yourself sometimes you want to buy something which cost more than what you have in your wallet or purse. Further, credit cards are often needed for online transactions. Add to that the incentives that credit card companies offer for you to use their credit cards, and you should begin to see why I think credit cards are essential, useful and beneficial in these modern times.

How to avoid waste when shopping for a credit card

There are many banks and other institutions offering credit cards, and each of them comes with different conditions. You should try to get a free for life credit card which does not charge you annual renewal fees. When I got mine, I was told that it is a free for life credit card. What they didn't tell me was that this "free for life" comes with conditions. In order for me to avoid monthly charges, I must use the credit card at least 3 times a month and/or spend more than a specified amount. Moral of my lesson is, if you have the time, do some comparison shopping before you apply for a credit card. Know exactly what you are getting into before you sign on that dotted line. It would be great if you can find a credit card that is interest free, but the nearest I can find that might approach what one call an interest free credit cards is the Tesco Personal Finance Bonus MasterCard/Visa card which when I checked it, says the "Balance Transfer Rate and Period" is 0% p.a. for 13 months (2.5% fee). This to me means when you transfer outstanding balances from other credit cards to Tesco Personal Finance Bonus MasterCard/Visa card, you need not pay any interest on it for 13 months. The card also has a loyalty scheme. One-twelfth of the annual interest is repaid to card each year, so this may be considered as "almost interest free".

However, it is best you check with them all that is mentioned above before you apply for the card, or even better, if you can find a really interest free credit card. However, I doubt that is really possible as often, if they give you something, they take back something else in return. So be alert and if you have the time, read the fine prints in the conditions normally appended to the application forms.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Junk mail: Sign petition to abolish junk mail and stop waste

If you are fed up with all the junk mails you get in your mailbox, and you want your feelings heard, here is your chance. Please sign online petition against junk mail and pass your frustrations at all these waste of paper, money plus your time.

Junk mail is not only a nuisance, a wastage of Mother Earth's resources, a danger to our precious forest. Please do your part. Help Spaceship Earth which have no lifeboat and which we are all passengers. We cannot allow Spaceship Earth become unlivable. We have nowhere else to run to. Simple step. Just sign online petition to rid of junk mail and you would have done part of your duties for your future generations.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buy factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box HDTV: Don't waste money on more expensive alternatives

Current, most countrises uses various obsolete analogue television systems such as NTSC, SECAM or PAL. These are low definition televisions (not so sharp or lowere resolution). Many countries are moving towards High-definition television (HDTV) which is a digital television broadcasting system with greater resolution giving sharper pictures, with some households in some more developed countries already using HDTV to watch their favorite television shows. If you ever need to change your television, make sure you change to a high definition television.

Second Act is an online retailer of HDTVs and related products. While being authorized dealer of Denon, JVC, Hitachi, Marantz, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, etc., Second Act is also opportunity buyers concentrating particularly in HDTVs in bulk to resell to retail customers. They are thus constantly on the lookout for factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box products, particularly HDTVs which enable Second Act to offer HDTVs at prices very few online merchants can match. So if you are in the market for factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box products, particularly HDTVs, do give Second Act serious considerations.

You can get Flat Panel LCD HDTV or Plasma HDTV or other large screen TVs from them. So save yourself some money and surf over there to have a look at what they have to offer.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Central vacuum system help cut waste of house cleaning efforts

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't waste leisure time. Fun with pocket bikes

Pocket Bikes

by Xorsch
What do you do with your or your kids' leisure time? Learn new skills? Just have fun? Well, your kids can learn new skills as well have fun with pocket bikes (mini bikes), scaled down versions of their big brothers on the road. There are 2 types - electrical driven and gas driven.

If you get a pocket bike for your kids, get the electrical driven ones. They are safer and easier to maintain. And they can pick up valuable skills and if supervised properly, learn a couple of safety rules when they grow up and are ready for the road. Don't waste their leisure time. Get them pocket bikes and have fun while picking up skills and safety rules during their leisure time.

Plus if you ever go on a picnic or camping trip, you can easily bring these pocket bikes along and your kids can have loads of fun. Adult not excluded. According to the above website, someone managed to squeeze 5 mini pocket bikes into the back of the truck which is hooked up with a trailer. They brought the kids along and they had an exhilarating time.

Super Pocket Bikes

Apparently, pocket bikes are not for kid only. There are such a thing as Super Pocket Bikes! These are powerful stuff and thus for adults, not for kids. They can be used for racing. I think in some country, they are street legal, which means you can ride them on public road. However, I am not very sure about this. Perhaps you should check with the above websites as they seem to have lots of information about pocket bikes and they should be quite knowledgeable about pocket bikes plus they have a blog which should keep you updated on pocket bikes.

Mini Choppers

It seems chopper bikes started from the time the veterans of World War Two returned from the horrible war. Some of them started stripping down the normal bikes and modifying them till they look like that sleek bike seen in the photo on the left, except that one is one of the Mini Choppers. Cute isn't it. It wouldn't even look like a mini chopper till you put a full size man beside the mini chopper.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don't waste your life - protect yourself, get Close Combat training

If you are fortunate enough to live in a close knit community, probably rural and isolated, you probably don't have to worry about crime and violence, rape, even murder. But in most major cities of the world, crime and violence, rape, road rage and even murder is often rampant and if you are not prepared for it, you may end up in serious problems. You may even lose your life.

Captain Chris Pizzo has a story to tell. He was almost stabbed to death by two attackers during a rage road incident. Loss of a life is a sheer waste since life is a precious gift from our Creator. Don't wait for a situation like what Chris Pizzo faced before you realise you need to prepare for contingencies like these. Don't waste your life by not getting close combat training, for if you get faced with a situation like Captain Chris Pizzo, it will be then too late to try to turn back the clock to get the crucial which may save your life.

According to Captain Chris Pizzo, in the 1920's and 30's when the British were anticipating having to face the mighty military machineries of the Nazi, they started a project to discover effective armed and unarmed close combat, and William Fairbairn was tasked with the project. Fairbairn was an expert in Jujutsu, Savate, and Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing, and Wrestling. My guess is that he combined the best of all the martial arts that he knew and combined them into a single, complete system of self-defence which according to Captain Chris Pizzo, is called Close Combat.

He chose what then was the most violent city of the world, Shanghai which was then cursed with opium gangs and much gang fighting, as a testing ground to try to find what works for close combat. Close Combat was born, taken back to England, tested again and proven by US, British, and Canadian commandos, spies, and special forces to be effective against the formidable Nazi military might.

Of course, not long after, with all the modern military weaponry, Close Combat was then considered no longer relevant and World War Two Close Combat was neglected for some sixty years. But fortunately for those who need it to survive a hostile environment, Captain Chris Pizzo somehow managed to find the three last surviving members of Close Combat experts and learned from them on a daily basis for years.

Now the World Leader In Self Defense, Captain Chris Pizzo can offer you The Truth About Martial Arts.

So don't waste this opportunity to learn techniques that can help you survive in the environment of crime ridden cities and not waste your precious life as you will then know what to do when faced with robbers, kidnappers, road rage bullies, murderers, and all the undesirable elements in our society.