Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't waste money on expansive hotels. There are cheap accommodations available

Travel is unavoidable sometimes. You may need to travel for business, visit relatives and friend, to attend special occasions like weddings, etc., on working trips, to unwind and get a badly needed rest, etc. In fact, in January 2008, my niece will need to travel to where we stay to attend her sister's wedding.

Some will be lucky if there are relatives or friends who are willing to offer them accommodation during their stay. Others will need to stay in hotels. In most cases, you will be out of the hotel room most of the time and will only be back to get your nightly sleep. To me, it is a shear waste of money to stay in expensive hotels when you only spend a fraction of your time in the hotel room. Look for cheaper alternatives.

Spain is an interesting country to visit with a wide diversity of interesting places to visit. There are different Spanish regions with their own Spanish specialty, climate, geographical location, history and traditions. Right in the center of Spain is Madrid, the capital of Spain. It has many historical Spanish monuments such as the Royal Castle and Spanish museums including el Prado and Reina Sofia which houses paintings of Velasquez, Goya, Miro and Picasso. If you plan on visiting, to avoid wasting money, look for cheap hotels in Madrid.

Barcelona is another interesting town especially if you are an architectural student, an architect or someone interested in architecture and interesting buildings. Or if you are a fan of Picasso, there is the the Picasso Museum in Barcelona which is housed in three medieval palaces. If you plan to visit Barcelona, again my advice as a person who hate waste to look for cheap hotels in Barcelona.

There are many other interesting places to visit in Spain. There are different regions and each region have their own speciality, climate, geographical features, history and traditions. The Basque Country is in the north of Spain and often referred to as the "Green Spain" because of the green countryside, mountains and sea, a natural attraction for nature lovers. Galicia in the northwest also form part of "Green Spain" and is much like the Basque Country and is further known for its fresh Spanish fish. In the south of Spain is Andalucia which attract many tourists because of its nice beaches and conducive climate. There are also the Spanish Festivals from April to October. In the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean are the Balearic and Canary Islands which also attract tourists. There is no end to the diversity of Spain. As always, being budget conscious, I would look for cheap hotels in Spain if I ever have the chance to visit Spain.