Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't waste leisure time. Fun with pocket bikes

Pocket Bikes

by Xorsch
What do you do with your or your kids' leisure time? Learn new skills? Just have fun? Well, your kids can learn new skills as well have fun with pocket bikes (mini bikes), scaled down versions of their big brothers on the road. There are 2 types - electrical driven and gas driven.

If you get a pocket bike for your kids, get the electrical driven ones. They are safer and easier to maintain. And they can pick up valuable skills and if supervised properly, learn a couple of safety rules when they grow up and are ready for the road. Don't waste their leisure time. Get them pocket bikes and have fun while picking up skills and safety rules during their leisure time.

Plus if you ever go on a picnic or camping trip, you can easily bring these pocket bikes along and your kids can have loads of fun. Adult not excluded. According to the above website, someone managed to squeeze 5 mini pocket bikes into the back of the truck which is hooked up with a trailer. They brought the kids along and they had an exhilarating time.

Super Pocket Bikes

Apparently, pocket bikes are not for kid only. There are such a thing as Super Pocket Bikes! These are powerful stuff and thus for adults, not for kids. They can be used for racing. I think in some country, they are street legal, which means you can ride them on public road. However, I am not very sure about this. Perhaps you should check with the above websites as they seem to have lots of information about pocket bikes and they should be quite knowledgeable about pocket bikes plus they have a blog which should keep you updated on pocket bikes.

Mini Choppers

It seems chopper bikes started from the time the veterans of World War Two returned from the horrible war. Some of them started stripping down the normal bikes and modifying them till they look like that sleek bike seen in the photo on the left, except that one is one of the Mini Choppers. Cute isn't it. It wouldn't even look like a mini chopper till you put a full size man beside the mini chopper.


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