Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don't waste any time. Join Bid4Prizes and get chances to win fabulous prizes

Bid4Prizes is an unusual auction site. You can register as a member at Bid4Prizes Registration Form. Standard Registration is free if you don't mind the advertisements, and you get unlimited online bids, plus you can log in to track points, and redeem points for prizes with no cost. Or you can register for a Premium account so you don't get advertisements and receive unlimited bids each month for only $9.99 per month. Premium members get unlimited mobile and online bids, plus you can log in to track points, redeem points for prizes, bid via your mobile phone and bid online with no advertisements.

Bid4Prizes works in an unusual way. Instead of the highest bidder winning the prize, it is the one with the lowest bid that wind the auction. It is so unusual, I am still trying to digest fully how it works.

Don't waste any time. Surf over to Bid4Prizes, find out how it really works, and try your luck at getting attractive prizes. After all, if you don't want the frills, you can do it all for free.