Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don't waste your time doing searches with Google, etc. Use Winzy instead

When you use Google or other search engines, sponsored ads are displayed alongside the links to the relevant websites. However, the Company that creates the search engine get the benefits when someone click on the sponsored links. So when you use these search engines, the benefits go to the search engines instead of to you, the user.

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At Winzy Deal or no deal, you can play the online version of the popular television game "Deal or no deal". However, playing this game will not win you any prizes.

There are other online games at Deal or no deal you can play, including Winzy Secret Suitcase which is very similar to Deal or No Deal, but you can win real prizes! And it's totally free to play. Join Winzy for free. Search the web. With each search, you stand to win prizes instantly and also win you points which goes towards Winzy's monthly sweepstakes where you can win large cash prizes! And while you search, you also get a chance to play fun games and win even more.