Friday, November 23, 2007

Cut waste by shopping online with Shopwiki

I just became a grandpa of the youngest "blogger" in the world. My daughter plus son-in-law sure splurged on him. I am almost embarrassed to tell you how much they paid for a baby stroller. The baby stroller we bought for her elder sister, which then was used for her plus her siblings, was a very simple folding aluminium frame baby stroller bought from a then very popular budget baby stuff chain shop in London. I can't remember the name of the bricks and mortar merchant as it was more than 30 years ago (OK, now I remember - Mothercare). We used it to cart my eldest daughter all over Europe, then brought that budget baby stroller back to my home country after I finished my post-graduate study in Belgium and then was used for all my five children. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what happened to that baby stroller. It probably couldn't last beyond the 5 children, or perhaps it was given away.

But at least we kept the cloth diapers for that long 30 plus years and they are now being used by my daughter for my youngest grandson and the youngest "blogger" in the world, plus a happy "blogger". That is really something in this age of convenient throw-away society. I am proud that I, and at least in part, my daughter, is living up to the title of this blog "Zero Waste".

We probably could have cut waste even further had Internet been in existence then as we would probably then like doing online shopping with sites like online shopping website for babies and toddlers items. If you are targeting almost "Zero waste", put "budget" into the site search box at the top of the above online shopping website, and you may just get to a web page like budget babies and toddlers products.

One thing more I would like to do. Get budget present (hope no one start commenting in this post I am heartless, cheapskate, stingy poker, etc.) but would like to get a present for my first grandson some budget toys for babies and toddlers and the youngest and happy "blogger" in the world plus confirmed youngest blogger in the world. Now in case you want to know what is my attitude towards presents is, have a peep at my first grandson at his grandpa's 57th birthday gathering.

Also, please note that the title of this blog is ZERO WASTE. Hope my visitors don't get too hard on me.