Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't waste your life without exercise (sports)

Why such a title for a post "Don't waste your life without exercise (sports)" you may ask. What has wastage to do with exercise or sports? Well your Creator has given you a life and to make that life a meaningful and enjoyable one, you need to maintain good health, to keep illness at bay, to have a long life, (and my children said to keep looking young) so that you can remain useful and not become a burden to your family plus waste precious fund on medical care, medication, nursing car. And for those, one need exercise. Don't waste the life our Creator have given us.

I know fully the implication of exercise and the lack of it on one's health and life span. I have a blog Food as medicine which I changed (title) to Natural Remedies because that gives me more flexibility in terms of the kind of posts I can put in that blog. For example, a post which is relevant to the subject matter of this post, but have nothing to do with food - Exercise may prevent pain in older people. Now how unobservant of me. I just noticed that is a category for exercise for the above blog. Whole trouble is, I am finding it difficult to practice what I preach (except for the nutrition part). I am tied to the computer nearly all my waking hours for I have become an avid blogger who just cannot finish all that I want to do on the Internet.

Not that I completely ignore my own advice. I take every excuse to walk. I turn down offers by my children to send me (by car) to the LRT (Light Transit Station), the shops, the banks, etc. That is, to every place where walking is viable. Where it is not, I try to take the public transport (I have given all my cars to my children since I retired), for I have an environmental blog Enviroman Says: an Environmental blog, and cars are not exactly what one will call environmentally-friendly. I used to walk up and down the stairs and do sit-ups and push-ups whenever there is a thunderstorm and I am forced to disconnect from the Internet. I walk to 7-Eleven to get the newspapers every morning from Monday to Friday. I walk to the bank (that is a half-hour walk) to collect my pension every month and each time I need to do some banking transaction. I walk to the Pasar Tani (Farmers' Market) every Saturday morning to buy fruits. I walk to the Pasar Malam's (Night Markets, there are two near our home each week), also to purchase fruits. I walk every Monday to Friday to the shops to buy cooked food for myself and my children.

But fortunately or unfortunately, I now have an addictive hobby and find it very difficult to get the motivation and time to get REGULAR exercise. I try to get people to give me that motivation. See My first grandchild at his grandfather's 58th birthday. In case you missed it, I was fishing for comments - 10 minutes of exercise for every comment made.

But I think I really do need regular exercise for people have started calling me "uncle", implying I have aged in appearance, probably in part caused by not having REGULAR exercise. Perhaps I should take up a sport, hopefully one as addictive as blogging. Any suggestion, anyone? Just as blogging need equipment like a computer, a modem to connect to the Internet, and the peripheries like a digital camera, a webcam and microphone (to make videos), etc., sports too need equipment.

I think I will have a look at Shopwiki: Sports and Recreation Equipment. They sell sport equipment there. They have Shopwiki Team Sport Equipment for most kind of team sports. Unfortunately for me, team mean having to find team members plus the need to synchronise our schedule with theirs. That is a tough call at my stage of life, but perhaps can help get this motivation to get exercise for there will be others to push and encourage you plus a chance to socialize.

Well, the above is not such a problem after all, for they have Shopwiki Individual Sports Equipment. I see inline skates there. My son is studying and working part time as an inline skating instructor. Perhaps I can get some free lessons. They have golf too, but that is out for me for I hate golf. A few privileged group hogging huge tracts of land plus adding harmful weedicides and pesticides to the environment, and the funny spectacle of a large man chasing after a tiny ball. They have equipment for gymnastics some of which perhaps may be suitable for people of my age.

Shopwiki also have Running Equipment. That sounds more like my kind of stuff for I have completed a marathon 20 plus years ago. They have running shoes which I can use for brisk walking instead of running. They also have Elliptical Trainers Treadmills (wonder what they mean by that, but I don't expect that to be very much different from any other threadmills). Perhaps my children can buy one for me for my birthday and I can do brisk walking without having to venture out of the house, rain of sunshine.

Let us hope I don't waste my life by trying harder to get that regular exercise I need. OK, forgive me for trying to fish for comments again. 10 minutes of exercise for every comment you leave in this post.