Friday, October 26, 2007

Vacation or Business in Germany on the cheap

My previous visits to Germany

I visited Germany 4 times, I think. Twice or 3 times (can't remember exactly how many as that was 30 years ago) when I was a student in Ghent, Belgium. One was a one-day car trip to Cologne. Another was on an organized bus trip by students which included a visit to Fantasialand. The third one was a trip to Frankfurt in a car, and I vaguely remembered squatting with someone in Frankfurt.

A not-so-long-ago trip was a stop over in Frankfurt where I have a niece married to a German. I was then going home from the Geneva International Invention Exhibition. I was hoping to squat with them, but for better or for worst, 3 fellow exhibitors decided to tag along, so I don't blame them for booking a hotel for us on our behalf. In any case, we had a jolly time. However, if I ever visit Germany again, I will book my accommodation myself at hotels in Germany which gives a Lowest Rate Guarantee.

In an earlier visit to Germany, I remembered joining the crowds on the street for the Oktoberfest festival, but can't remember which town. It was definitely not Munich. I do remember resisting guzzling down the free flowing beer, but enjoyed the frankfurters and the sauerkraut plus other stuff I can't remember.

Future visit to Germany

Part of the ceremonial
procession. Photo from Munich Oktoberfest

I understand that the biggest and most famous Oktoberfest festival, which starts on the third Saturday of September, is held in Munich, which is one town I haven't visited yet. Just wondering if that would be any different from the one I enjoyed 30 years ago. Would be great if I can go to Munich in September to find out for myself. Other than the Oktoberfest festival, there is much to see in Munich, like the Neuschwanstein Castle which was built starting from 1868 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Munich claims Neuschwanstein Castle as the best known castle in the world.

There is also the Peterskirche, or Church of St. Peter, which is the oldest church in Munich with interior decorated with old six century masters. What I would like to do is to walk to the top to get a panoramic view of the city. I would like to take a photo of its skyline from there and put it in my blog Business, travel and leisure, for Munich is not only good for leisure, as Germany's third largest city and the capital of Bavaria., it is also good for business. Ideal for a business cum leisure visit. For accommodation, I will probably try hotels in Munich.

There are some other German cities I haven't visited yet. There is Berlin, the capital of Germany. I am wondering if there is still some remnants of the infamous Berlin Wall. Perhaps it is not to late to try to take a piece of the historic Berlin Wall home if I can find some, but probably hoping for too much. No big deal, for there is also the famous Brandenburg Gate, one of the main symbols, not only of Berlin, but also of Germany. It would be great to see it for myself first hand.

Germany is famous for its technical and engineering prowess and this museum, Deutsches Museum, is the world's largest museum of technology and natural sciences in the world, with over 13 acres of exhibitions containing many original machines and equipment, models and reconstructions. Wonder how long it would take to cover 13 acres of exhibitions. Looks like a visit to Berlin is likely to end up as a long visit, and it wouldn't be wise or good to stay in an expensive hotel where you only spend a few hours a day to sleep. Would be wise to book a hotel from hotels in Berlin for after all, I have the Lowest Rate Guarantee to fall back on.