Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Travel Blog plus Travel Planner. An opportunity not to be wasted

This site travel blog represents a real opportunity that no one planning to do some traveling should waste. It is actually for you to blog about places you visit. I travel around Malaysia (mostly around the place I live) frequently, so I started a travel blog Malaysia, truly Asia using that free travel blog site.

This blog Zero Energy Waterwheel Aerator was inspired by an innovation Increasing the Efficiency of Aeration in Aerobic Wastewater Treatment. Wastewater treatment normally require aeration, and aeration is very energy intensive (that is, it uses lots of energy in form of electricity). Huge sum of money is spent on aeration and even if only a small fraction of that can be saved, it would still represent a huge sum. The innovation has been tested and it works. Only question is its viability. However, with ever increasing energy cost, even if it is not viable today, it may be viable in the future and lead to cutting waste plus help in protecting our now fragile environment.

I thought it would be real cool if I make a travel blog for travel to various wastewater treatment sites to observe their operations or to the offices of the wastewater treatment plant operators to discuss the viability and possible future of my innovation. I thus started a travel blog Wastewater treatment plants and operators in Malaysia. The blog hopefully will help spread awareness of my innovation and hopefully get some responses (comments) from wastewater engineers and plant operators.

There are other uses for RealTravel other than just creating free travel blogs. You can also use their free trip planner to research the places you plan to visit, add the destinations of your planned itinerary, share your plans with your travel partners, family and friends, get feedback and thus get useful inputs that may help improve your travel plan.